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Children's Dentist

We aim to provide a very high standard of dentistry within our practice

What is a Children's Dentist?

When it comes to looking after your little one’s teeth, prevention is much better than cure. That is why it is so important to have regular dental check-ups. At Gorgie Road Dental we aim to establish a long-term relationship with you and your family and a key part of this will be your regular check-ups.

We’ll give advice on everything from tooth-brushing and flossing to what to do if your child needs any orthodontic care (for example, tooth straightening). This should ensure that any dental health problems are prevented, or caught before they become serious. Of course, if problems occur, or if there are any emergencies (such as a tooth getting knocked out), we are there to help.

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Gorgie Road Dental practice has been in the heart of Gorgie for nearly 100 years. At Gorgie Dental, we aim to provide a high standard of dentistry within our practice.

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