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Teeth Whitening

We aim to provide a very high standard of dentistry within our practice

What is Teeth Whitening?

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth and would like a more sparkling smile, the experts at Gorgie Road Dental can help using our safe and effective tooth whitening treatments. The process uses a harmless whitening gel and gum mould and can produce results in a matter of weeks

Your teeth can become darker, stained and discoloured for many reasons. The food and drinks you consume, smoking and the aging process can all take their toll. Discoloured teeth can have a real negative impact on your confidence and self-image. Luckily, tooth whitening offers a long-term solution. It is safe and should cause you no discomfort. When you come to the surgery, your dentist will do an assessment of your teeth to make sure that tooth whitening is the best approach for you.

Once you’ve both made the decision to go ahead, you’ll then be fitted for a custom-made gum tray. Whitening gel is placed in this tray, which you wear for a few hours at a time at home. Your tooth-whitening treatment can be customised to give you the degree of whitening that you desire (this is dependent on the degree of staining). So that everyone can benefit from this very effective cosmetic treatment, we offer a range of competitive pricing and finance options.

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Gorgie Road Dental practice has been in the heart of Gorgie for nearly 100 years. At Gorgie Dental, we aim to provide a high standard of dentistry within our practice.

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